Returns latitude or longitude part of a coordinate pair transformed from specified UTM coordinates.


CoordinateDegree(easting, northing, zone number, hemisphere, coordDegree)
  • easting: number specifying the UTM easting coordinate, in meters
  • northing: number specifying the UTM northing coordinate, in meters
  • zone number: integer specifying the UTM zone that the easting/northing coordinates are in
  • hemisphere: string specifying the hemisphere the UTM coordinates are in. hemisphere is either "N" or "S"
  • coordDegree: string specifying which component of the coordinate pair is returned. coordDegree is either "latitude" or "longitude" 


CoordinateDegree(260995.3, 3293587.3, 15, "N", "latitude")

CoordinateDegree(592079.39, 5318004.59, 33, "N", "longitude")