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If you're trying to learn more about data science to help move your business forward, it's important to become familiar with democratizing data. Democratization makes data accessible to your organization which removes any technological barriers and allows employees to explore analytics and successfully complete projects.  
Is Your Data Democratized?  
Since different people in your organization have varying technical skill levels and professional roles in your company, all company data is not available to all employees. To evaluate the democratization of your business data, you may need to consider this scenario as a starting point: if you're a data scientist, analyst, or engineer, think about how easy it is for you to find available insights and datasets. Consider how simple it is to find and browse details about metadata. You should also pay attention to whether you can update data and strategies and explore data that has not yet been processed and introduce new datasets.  
Some of the issues you'll encounter during your assessment have varying solutions based on your organization type, size, and budget. However, you can use the results of your evaluation so you'll know how to move forward with data democratization.  
Methods for Data Democratization  
There are a few non-mutually exclusive methods for democratizing data for your business. Not all these methods will work for your company, but you can use these suggestions to customize your democratization.  
You may want to consider assigning a data engineer or manager to each team in your organization. The data manager will learn the overall goals and objectives of the team and give the team a better understanding of what is required when it comes to daily tasks. This gives your team self-sufficiency and gives team members more access to the data that they need to complete team projects and assignments.  
It's also a good idea to create a data platform team. This group of professionals helps to reduce the technical abilities that every team member needs to perform standard tasks. Data platforming projects can include implementing a web service that allows everyone on the team to access basic files or host airflow and offer this as a service to other internal teams.  
Keep these tips in mind if you're thinking of effective ways to democratize your data to make project management and daily tasks more efficient for everyone on your team. 

Efe E.
Post by Efe E.
May 3, 2022