Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering Chair, Jeff Spath, Joins Datagration as Executive Advisor
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Jan 18, 2022 Datagration™

Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering Chair, Jeff Spath, Joins Datagration as Executive Advisor

HOUSTON, TX --(BUSINESSWIRE)-- Datagration Solutions, Inc. ("Datagration" or the “Company") announced today that Dr. Jeff Spath has joined as an Executive Advisor. Datagration provides oil and gas companies with the tools they need to integrate and model data into meaningful insights and decisions daily.

As an Executive Advisor, Dr. Spath will join Datagration’s senior leadership, bringing decades of operational and technical experience in reservoir characterization, numerical and analytical modeling, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Dr. Spath previously served as President of Schlumberger’s Reservoir Management Group and later as CEO of the Texas Oil & Gas Institute. He is a former distinguished lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers and was elected President of the SPE International in 2014.

“We are thrilled to have Jeff on board as an Executive Advisor; his technical expertise and well-established relationships will be a valuable asset to the team. Jeff’s network and industry contacts are unique and will assist us to strengthen and position Datagration’s market presence.” - Peter Bernard, CEO & Chairman, Datagration

Dr. Spath will play an important role in the continuous development of PetroVisor’s platform-native apps, as well as in influencing operational and process changes to help E&P companies meet their sustainability and production targets. PetroVisor improves modern business intelligence and assists E&P companies in optimizing their cloud and analytics investments by providing the first unified data model created for upstream oil and gas.

"I am excited to be joining the talented Datagration team to assist in the development and delivery of their unique and valuable solutions to E&P companies. Their one-of-a-kind combination of data integration, analytics, and modernized AI/ML applications will significantly improve process efficiency." – Dr. Jeff Spath

Published by Datagration™ January 18, 2022