Datagration Appoints Key Executives in Latin America & Eastern Hemisphere
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Mar 09, 2022 Datagration™

Datagration Appoints Key Executives in Latin America & Eastern Hemisphere

HOUSTON, TX — Datagration appoints key executives to drive business and maximum growth in Latin America and the Eastern Hemisphere. Datagration, which has a staff of more than 50 individuals, will continue to hire new personnel internationally over the next 12 months, primarily in sales, engineering, and product. 

As EVP of the Eastern Hemisphere, Frederico Justus will join Datagration, while Francisco Suarez will become SVP of Latin America. 

Frederico Justus spent 11 years with Weatherford in various roles, including President of International Operations, President of the Eastern Hemisphere, and President of Global Operations. He has a proven record of accomplishment of improving the outcomes of complex projects worldwide. He has also worked at Schlumberger in multiple capacities for over ten years.  

Francisco Suarez has over 35 years of international expertise and a proven track record of success in managing and selling to the oil and gas business. Francisco is a Reservoir Engineer by training and began his career with Total before going on to Halliburton, where he had a remarkable career holding senior positions internationally. Lately, he served as CEO for a mid-size rig contractor in Argentina. 

“We are thrilled that these two gentlemen have joined our team, and we have great expectations that, by using their extensive network of high-level connections in the upstream industry, we will be able to win contracts and form strong alliances across Latin America and the Eastern Hemisphere.” - Ike Epley, Vice Chairman, Datagration

Both will play a key role in the ongoing development of the PetroVisor platform as well as in driving operational and process improvements to aid E&P companies in meeting their sustainability and production goals.  

By delivering the first unified data model built for upstream oil and gas, PetroVisor improves current business intelligence and supports E&P companies in maximizing their cloud and analytics investments.  



Datagration provides the world's Oil and Gas companies with the tools they need to integrate and model data into meaningful insights and decisions daily. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and technologists work hand in hand with our customers to build a single source of truth used across the organization for data analysis, benchmarking, internal collaboration, financial analysis, and more. 

Published by Datagration™ March 9, 2022