PetroVisor™ for Enhanced Oil Recovery Optimization

Enhanced Oil Recovery Optimization With PetroVisor™

Integration of analytical, physics-based, and data-driven models to optimize production

PetroVisor™ for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Current business conditions require E&P companies to be ready for constant change. To reach this level of agility, companies need to deliver automated engineering workflows fast. These workflows must connect people, systems and data with complete visibility to the end-to-end process. With the PetroVisor™ Platform, companies can improve organizational and cross- domain workflows, automating business processes, and mitigating risk, all on a unified platform.

With PetroVisor™, E&P companies with operations located in heavy oil plays can optimize EOR by automating candidate selection logic through the integrating of physics-based models, data analytics, and knowledge automation. By creating a centralized decision-making dashboard for steam cycle optimization and production enhancement, operators can identify and establish EOR KPIs such as: VRR, local subsidence, reservoir quality score, production performance score, WHP, WHT, SOR, NVP, and UTC.

Current PetroVisor™ Workflows


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Benefits of using PetroVisor™

Data Integration & Performance Monitoring

Data Integration & Performance Monitoring

Generate a unified data model from disparate sources

Automated workflows for established cyclic steam injection KPI’s

Well/reservoir level injection and performance monitoring

Flag underperforming wells and steam groups

Screening, Surveillance & Opportunity Ranking

Screening, Surveillance & Opportunity Ranking

Establish steam injection and production targets

Evaluate steam availability

Surveillance for steam candidates (rate, pressure, temperature, surface deformation)

Steam scoring system for every well based on pre- established KPI’s and KO criteria

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Operational Improvement & Optimization

Centralized decision-making dashboard for steam cycle optimization and production enhancement

Automated recommendation for daily steam switches to reduce well downtime

Ticketing system for steam switches and well review

Centralized decision-making for steam cycle optimization

With PetroVisor™ this North American Operator was able to: 

  • Improve reservoir recovery execution processes by reducing the number of inactive strings
  • Decrease time and effort for well reviews
  • Enhance management of wells available for steam
  • Increase decision ease, accuracy and quality to execute daily steam switches
  • Automate a currently manual well/opportunity selection process for steam optimization
  • Maximize production while reducing the risk of failure
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Current Use Cases


SAGD – Major Canadian Operator, 200 ESP Wells. Integration of expert system for failure detection and daily directives.

Cyclic Steam Stimulation – Small Californian Operator. Applied ML and knowledge automation for data driven steam injection optimization.

Continuous Steam Injection – Major European Operator. Applied a probabilistic type curve approach to optimize steam injection using machine learning.

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