PetroVisor™ : Core Capabilities
Core Capabilities

Take control of your data
and empower your engineers

Connecting People, Systems, And Data On One Platform

PetroVisor is a knowledge automation platform for E&P companies' production & operations data. It removes existing data silos to automate the flow of data and knowledge across the E&P value chain. Doing this creates knowledge automation for every day work while enabling scalability, speed of deployment, and data transparency throughout the organization. Our customers use PetroVisor to make the best use of their data, preparing themselves & their organizations for a generational evolution of technology.

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1. Integrate & Maintain

  • Integrate data with "as-is" quality using automated cleansing capabilities
  • Integrate legacy 3rd party systems
  • Provide data trustworthiness & governance
  • Open, bi-directional APIs
  • Cloud/On-Prem/Hybrid implementation
  • Build Corporate App Store
  • In-House Customization & Maintenance

2. Build Solutions

  • Domain-Specific Language P# for SMEs
  • Self-service ML/AI Tools
  • Low Code environment with a large set of reusable workflows & models
  • Rapid prototyping and solution development runtime
  • Integration of physics- and knowledge- based methods
  • Data separated from logic for sharing code & workflows
  • Domain data models
  • Fast deployment & extensibility

3. Consume Results

  • Identify the best business economic opportunities
  • Decision-making governance, standardization, and automation
  • IP Ownership
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cross-domain collaboration
  • Capture and sustain enterprise innovation
  • ML/AI strategy support

Core Capabilities Of PetroVisor™

Open API

Open API

Makes it easy to connect any systems, apps, and data with custom integrations or pre-built connectors to popular domain solutions.

Asset 254

Domain Specific Workflows

Library of workflow packages that are adaptable to any operational or petro-technical challenge.

Asset 256

Economics Engine

Creates holistic view for development optimization, drill out economics and investment opportunities.

Egineering Mind

Engineering Mindset

Supports your engineers with standards-based tools and application frameworks for rapid workflow development.

Core Services

Core Services

Everything you need to create and support your automated workflows and business requirements.

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

Helps drive knowledge automation and empowers users to make actionable decisions with real-time insights into patterns and trends.

Notification Services

Notification Services

Delivers a user first experience, integrated with Microsoft Teams and other BI tools, simplifies how your team is notified when something important happens.



The platform ensures all your data is protected and supports your Identity Access Management needs.

Key Differentiators

As long as an E&P company has two or more applications that contain data or functionality that is part of a more extensive business or engineering workflow, PetroVisor can be useful.
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