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Datagration Acquires Mosaic Petroleum Analytics

The integration of Mosaic's unconventional resource workflows with Datagration’s flagship platform, PetroVisor™, will enable E&P companies to make better investment decisions based on physics-based modeling, predictive analytics, stressed economics, and knowledge automation.


Turning Data into Knowledge

Operators will now be able to implement proven unconventional asset workflows to maximize capital efficiency in a commercial framework, designed by an E&P operator for investor-oriented decisions.  The open, transparent, and customizable platform provides many useful automated intermediate products including maps, dashboards, and production type curves. The physics-based completion optimization process delivers type curves and economics over user-defined ranges of lateral length and spacing, sand and fluid intensities, stage spacing, and injection rates. Thousands of potential completion designs are distilled into a few helpful visualizations to convey optimal and often less-risky near-optimal designs.

  • Rapidly assess recent well results against expectations
  • Evaluate a wide range of completion designs with physics-based models
  • Locate viable refrac candidates from a pre-defined set of wells.
  • Optimize development investments while accounting for uncertainty using stress testing
  • Quickly and efficiently evaluate parent/child relationships

It is critical for the Unconventional oil and gas industry segment to improve capital efficiency and cash flow. The addition of the Mosaic team and intellectual property to the PetroVisor™ platform will enable customers to make better investment decisions based on physics, economics, and stress testing. Our mission is to deliver better business outcomes, from the engineering teams to the board of directors.

Datagration is thrilled to have the opportunity to combine Mosaic’s intellectual property of unconventional workflows that have been developed over 20 years with the PetroVisor™ platform.  The vast knowledge of George Voneiff and Peter Bastian in unconventional shale plays will enhance our product offering and puts on a path to deliver a set of unconventional workflows without an equal in the market.

We are very excited to be joining the Datagration team.  The combination of the PetroVisor™ platform with our unconventional workflows will provide an unparalleled ability to quickly and efficiently evaluate parent/child relationships, optimize completions, and improve capital efficiency while embedding cutting-edge data analytics, physics-based modeling, and investor-oriented economics in the analysis.

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Jorge Machnizh, CEO & President, Datagration™
J. Ike Epley, Vice Chairman, Datagration
George Voneiff, CEO, Mosaic Petroleum Analytics

Learn more about datagration™

Schedule a short discovery meeting with our team to learn how the PetroVisor™ platform, delivers analytics and automated workflows in real-time using data from multiple oil and gas disciplines and sources. Resulting in better, knowledge-based, decision making, ultimately maximizing CapEx and ROI. 


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