What is PetroVisor?

PetroVisor is a knowledge automation platform for oil and gas.

PetroVisor is a knowledge integration platform that enables data-driven value creation with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. The first tier of the platform is the Unified Data Model (UDM) that has been built by our cutting-edge data scientists. The UDM enables you to connect to any source of data anywhere, scrub it clean and integrate it into a solid data foundation to support any application.

The application tier of the PetroVisor Platform has been built by industry-leading petroleum engineers to enable value creation in the ways that are most important to you. Optimize completions and production with machine learning, orchestrate a successful round of asset acquisitions or provide more environmental, social and governance transparency. Do all of this with the confidence that you are basing your decisions on the best data and the best applications available.

The communication tier of the PetroVisor Platform enables you to illuminate the results of data-driven decision-making to your employees, stakeholders and external organizations so that you all continue to be on the same page. Fit-for-purpose dashboards enable everyone to see the big picture from any device and drill down into the details that support any action item. And it all gets automatically updated at whatever frequency you choose.