September 2022 Update

New Features

  • Added package functionality to the web app - Workflows and Workspace Values can be adjusted in the web app.
  • Data Grids - In maps, data grids can be imported and viewed.



  • Added Favorites to Data View and Charts


  • Added the ability to upload dashboards from PV. Data sources will still need to be configured in the Power BI web app for the dashboard dataset, but clients can upload their specific dashboards.


  • Show signal aggregation method on tooltip hover over when looking at the hierarchy level.


  • Added a Chart to the Playground

  • Updated the pre-training options on the training tab to include Cook's Distance as an option for Outlier removal.

  • In the Pre-Training Data tab, outliers are highlighted in the Table, Stats, and Chart view.

  • The Fill Options within the Playground will now how the min/max filled out from the raw data from the model.
    • Added an Integer Only option


  • Updated Web Activities to allow optional parameters. All other activities still required to have all parameters be filled out.
  • Updated UX for the calendar entries to be colored so you can easily see the status of the runs by quickly scanning the page.


  • Ability to customize notifications at the individual notification level.
  • Added a button to Edit Notification Content - this is the default content that will be shown for each type of notification.


  • Show an icon when the package is not the latest update


P# Updates

  • Hierarchy placeholder
  • CurrentHierarchy()