Returns Response Surface of the probability of having true as the label using specified ML model and data for current entity. Only for binary classification models.

X and Y axis should be specified by the corresponding signal name, min value, max value, and a number of intervals in an axis.


ResponseSurfaceProbability(string modelName, string featureX, double featureXmin, 
double featureXmax, double featureXnum, string featureY,
double featureYmin, double featureYmax, double featureYnum)
  • modelName
  • featureX
  • featureXmin
  • featureXmax
  • featureXnum
  • featureY
  • featureYmin
  • featureYmax
  • featureYnum


ResponseSurfaceProbability("Model 42", "Time On", 0, 1, 100, "Time Off", 0, 1, 100)