Returns optimal/aggregated predicted point from Response Surface using specified ML model and data for current entity. Aggregation can be done within specified bounding box, defined by min/max values along each axis.

Aggregation options:
1. Min
2. Max
3. Sum
4. Avg
5. Median
6. Mode
7. StandardDeviation
8. Variance
9. Percentile
10. Range
11. Count


ResponseSurfaceAggregationPoint(string responseSurfaceModel, aggregation type aggregationType)

ResponseSurfaceAggregationPoint(string responseSurfaceModel, aggregation type aggregationType,
double featureXmin, double featureXmax, double featureYmin,
double featureYmax)



ResponseSurfaceAggregationPoint("Response Surface Model", Aggregations.Max)

ResponseSurfaceAggregationPoint("Response Surface Model", Aggregations.Max, 0, 1, 0, 1)