Returns the specified regression parameter of specified regression type based on the time data of the specified numeric expression for each entity and specified time range.

Second numeric expression data used as X-values (instead of time range).

Regression types:

  1. Linear

  2. Exponential

  3. Harmonic

  4. Hyperbolic

Regression parameters:

  1. RSquared

  2. DeclineRate (not for Linear)

  3. InitialValue (not for Linear)

  4. Slope (for Linear)

  5. YIntercept (for Linear)

  6. Hyperbolic constant


RegressionParameter(string regressionParameter, double numericExpression, 
date/time start, date/time end, string regressionType)


RegressionParameter("DeclineRate", "produced oil per time increment" in "m3", 
CurrentScope("Start"), #02/24/2017 08:00#, "Exponential")