Overview of Tags

Tags are typically used to indicate the status or condition of an entity.

Tags are used exclusively for Entities. They can be managed by users, but they are applied primarily by data imports and much more so by scripts. They tag those entities to denote specific events or statuses and have start/end dates associated with them as well.

Tags and tag groups are imported into the workspace via packages.  In the Datagration Packages, these are defined and added to entities.

To view or change a tag in a workspace, click on the gear icon in the settings bar.

From the Navigation Panel, select Tags.

There will be a list of all the tags in the workspace.  The tags can be searched.  The number of tags in the workspace is displayed on the far right of the search bar in a gray circle.

Hovering over a tag will highlight more options.  In the example below, 'Completed' is highlighted.

On the far right of the well Events, there are three symbols.

  • View Entities - Selecting View Entities will bring up the entities page will all the entities associated with the tag.
  • View Summary Information - Selecting information will display a pop-over screen listing where the tag is referenced

  • Delete - deletes the tag from the workspace

A warning will display to make sure the user wants to delete the tag.

Select Delete to delete the tag or cancel to go back to the tag listing.

Adding a New Tag

To add a new tag, select the green 'Add Tag' button.

To add a new group, select the green plus next to the tag group

Add the name and the tag group and select Save.