Returns a set of entities that are neighbors of the specified entity using the specified neighborhood mode and specified x- and y-dimensions in the specified unit, excluding the current entity.

Neighborhood modes:
   1. Circle
   2. Ellipse
   3. Square
   4. Rectangle


Neighbors(entity name, mode, dimX, dimY, unit)

entity name: name of entity

mode: type of neighborhood shape(circle, ellipse, rectangle, square

x and y: distance

unit: distance unit


Neighbors(“Well 17”, “Ellipse”, X, Y, “m”)

By default, the function uses the PetroVisor signals “surface x-coordinate” and “surface y-coordinate”, alternatively the functions allow two more arguments to specify different PetroVisor signals to be used as coordinates.


Neighbors(“Well 17”, “Rectangle”, X, Y, “m”, “alternative x-coordinate”, “alternative y-coordinate”)