May 2022 Updates

Updates in May 2022 in PetroVisor


Updated the formats of emails from PetroVisor.



The drop-down menu now allows users to sort by Entity, Entity Set, and Hierarchy.

Stats Card - You are able to export to a csv or copy the data to Excel now when you are in Table view.



Added the Test Pick from Training.



Added the ability to run P# scripts using Scenarios and different options.

Added the option to include / exclude empty rows in the results set.


Added the ability to activate / inactivate workflows by the active dot and run workflows.

Schedule Details update for workflows that are scheduled after another workflow. The workflow that it runs after will be in the start column now and the end column will be blank.

Data Model


Improved performance of the hierarchy tree.
Updated to include a new view and search for hierarchy as well as tags have a time stamp. 
Adding/Deleting entries in the hierarchy tree will no longer cause a refresh of the tree. This allows you to quickly do multiple changes at once. 
Updated the Entity Type Filter.


Added Range Stat Cards for Text/Time and Other/Depth Signals.
Expanded the Summary box to show all of the places where the signal show up. It used to only show 3 and then say "x more."


Files can now be directly uploaded into PetroVisor.

Mapping section will notify users of duplicates and require errors to be fixed.


Data Integrations

Added Time Increment and Depth Increment from Workspace Summary to the Options.