June 2022 Updates

Updates in June 2022 in PetroVisor


  • PetroVisor has a new login flow that offers the option for Single Sign On.


Coming Soon



  • Opportunities are now available in filter selection lists (Data View, DCA, P# Auto-complete, etc.) to include with all data sets, only view opportunities, or not include in a data set. 

  • Descriptions are now available in lists (Dashboards, Data Filters, DCA/ML Models, Scripts, Workflows, Workflow Schedules, Tables and Sources.)



  • Added the ability to sort dashboards by Entity Set.


  • Create an Entity Set by using the selection button in maps.

  • Maps will also save the last known selections so users can navigate to different tabs and come back to the same selection.
  • Maps have the ability to set Latitude and Longitude Signals as well as Mapbox Settings.



  • Rates for parameters displayed annually.



  • Description of Workflows included by hovering over the note icon in the list view.

  • Favorite workflows can now be filtered.

  • Added a tooltip on hover over on input arguments so you can see the entire name if it is long.
  • Ability to run workflows incrementally.

  • _Signal can now be used in workflow activities.

Data Model


  • Import Entities and Hierarchy.

  • Users can now easily edit Entity Types,


  • Signals and descriptions can be added to signals.


  • LAS can now be a file upload or a SharePoint Connection.
  • PostgreSQL was added as a data connection.
  • Unmapped items are easily found under the Unmapped Items button.

  • When connecting Excel files, the user can specify how many rows are in the file before the header row.


  • StartofTag()
  • Forecast()
  • DetectAnomaly()
  • NPV()