January 2023 Updates


Workspace Documentation

  • Added a Dashboard Navigator that will show the dashboards and the items that they link.


  • Mapping feature has better performance enabling more mapping per source.



  • Data Pre-processors were added to the training options when setting up your model.



  • On the Schedules modal, a tooltip was added to the name of the schedule name so you can see the long names.

  • In the Calendar modal, it will initially scroll to an hour before the current time enabling a better view.

  • Added a Run Workflow button on the results page to easily re-run a workflow on that page instead of the schedules page.

Data Model


  • Hierarchy is now sorted by the alias if there is one and name if there no alias.


  • Added the ability to download entities for a specific Signal.

  • Removed the Interval Aggregation on the Numeric Static Signal.


  • Extended Smartsheet sources to work like Excel where you can bring in multiple signals at once.

  • Added the ability to expand columns in the Review Section.

  • Connections:  Added the ability to download files on the Connections Page.


Workspace Documentation

  • Documentation now available under the User Icon.

  • Updated P# Scripts documentation to have additional Information. For example, it will now show you the Input and Output signals.

  • Created a Workspace documentation homepage for a description of the workspace.

P# Updates

  • ListItemTypes in List() function supports the Hierarchy name as an option.