January 2022 Updates

Updates in PetroVisor in the month of January 2022.

New Changes

Navigation Panel Redesign

  • Ability to Edit Power BI Dashboards in PetroVisor
  • Machine Learning added a Playground Feature where users can input values for the columns and get the predicted result from the model.  Under Post-Training, Summary tabs and Observed vs Predicted tabs add additional capability.
  • Sources - Additional features added.  This feature will continue to develop.
  • P# Scripts ability to bring up autocomplete signals and language.
  • Data - now can visualize data via a bell curve.
  • Tables - user can skip empty rows


P# Updates

  • FillGaps()
  • StartOfNextTag()
  • EndOfNextTag()
  • StartOfPreviousTag()
  • EndOfPreviousTag()
  • EntitiesByHierarchy()