February 2022 Updates

Updates in February 2022 in PetroVisor


  • Navigate "Home" by clicking on PetroVisor
  • Data Filter - Improved the layout of the Date modal with a Group by header for time series data


  • Add validation for entity set and scope for Machine Learning Models


  • Visualize tags on P# scripts by hovering over the tag symbol
  • P# Header automatically populated
  • Import / Export multiple data grids
  • Workflows now can pull from Machine Learning Models and External Activities like Python
  • Tables have the ability to skip empty rows and have an additional column for Opportunity
  • Logs
    • Improved the log entries for data import activity so it is clear that the activity executed properly
    • New warning log message during workflow execution if P# script is using Obsolete P# functions/overloads

Data Model

  • Signal units of measure are filtered by type of measurement
  • Added the ability to search for entities by alias


  • User Avatars are displayed for private items in PetroVisor
  • User Management - Improvement to the process of adding users to directories and assigning them permissions within the workspace
  • Packages
    • New workflow activity to verify if a workspace has all requirements for package workflows to run successfully
    • Added ability to optionally create a snapshot before deploying a package
    • When viewing the list of available packages, we have added the ability to easily identify that packages that you currently have installed on your workspace
    • Ability to view package content before importing
    • Links to the documentation installed on packages for easy reference


P# updates

  • IsOpportunity()
  • TagDuration()
  • StartOf()
  • EndOf()
  • TagDuration()