Returns specified parameter value for specified existing DCA fit.

 DCA model (when current or specified time step is inside one of the model segments), optionally converted to the specified unit.

Supported parameter names (case-insensitive, with or without spaces between words):

1. Decline Rate, Decline, Slope

2. Initial Value, Intercept

3. R2, RSquared, Root Squared

4. RMSE, Root, Mean Square Error

5. MAE, Mean Absolute Error

6. EUR, Estimated Ultimate Recovery, Recovery

7. Left Behind, Left

8. Remaining Reserves, Reserves

9. Economic Limit, Limit

10. Fit Type, Type

11. Hyperbolic Constant, Constant


DCAModelParameter(DCA fit name, parameter name)
DCAModelParameter(string dcaModelName, string dcaParameterName, string unitName)

DCAModelParameter(string dcaModelName, string dcaParameterName, date/time timeStep)

DCAModelParameter(string dcaModelName, string dcaParameterName, date/time timeStep,
string unitName)
  • DCA fit name: name of existing DCA
  • parameter name: one of the parameters


DCAModelParameter("DCA fit 42", "EUR")
DCAModelParameter("DCA fit 42", "EUR", "STB")