Data Grids

Data Grids are the data structure for any spatial property maps, such as temperature, porosity, or permeability.

In PetroVisor, Navigate to Maps.

On the selection bar at the top of the screen, click on the "Data Grid."

The user can select to upload a new file or view previously uploaded files.

This article has the following categories:

Select a Data Grid

Upload a new Data Grid

Select Data Grid

  • Select the drop-down menu under Data Grid.

  • Select Data Grid

After selecting a data grid, the map will display zoomed in on the specific area.

Click on the map to display the specific area properties.

By scrolling, the map can zoom out or in.

The map colors can change by clicking on the bar and selecting a new schema.  

View 3D Data Grid

  • Select the Ellipse next to the "Data Grid" on the map key.


The Settings menu has a 3D View button to view the 3D map.  Notice other settings can be changed on the Data Grid.


The Filters allow the user to set the coordinates min and max, Show NaNS (not a number), and see only Active Cells.

Import Data Grid

  • Select Import Data Grids from the dropdown.

Here is a file that you can practice uploading.

Zmap Knowledge Base Example

In the pop-up Screen, select Upload File.  

The file types that can be used are ZMap, Imap, CPS3, Shape, and EGRID.  The files cannot be loaded as a zip file.

  • Select "Upload File."  
  • If the file is already loaded into the workspace, select "Select Files."
  • Select the file.

  • Import Data Grids.  

The user has the option to load the CRS associated with the file. 

If updating, put the CRS in the <>.  If not updating, leave the <null> and select close.

The file will be available in the "Select Data Grid" drop-down menu.