Returns the cell name of the specified data grid where current entity is located.

By default the function uses signals 'surface x-coordinate', 'surface y-coordinate' and coordinates unit 'm', alternatively the functions allows 3 more arguments to specify different signals/unit to be used as coordinates.


CurrentDataGridCell(string dataGridName)

CurrentDataGridCell(string dataGridName, string coordinatesUnitName,
string signalXCoordinateName, string signalYCoordinateName)
  • dataGridName:  Name of Data Grid
  • coordinatesUnitName: name of coordinates
  • signalXCoordinateName: signal for x coordinate
  • signalYCoordinateName:  signal for y coordinate


CurrentDataGridCell("Data grid 17")

CurrentDataGridCell("Data grid 17", "m", "alternative x - coordinate",
"alternative y - coordinate")