April 2023 Updates

New Features


  • Signals now combines all data types.  The Combined Data Filter can export, transpose, and save data.



  • Private / Public Dialog updated to be more user friendly.

  • Added audit information to items so you can see when it was created/modified. 

  • Added the remainder of the page header overflow menus (Develop, Library and Sources).



  • Alias will display on Data filters if available. If it is the same as the name, we will only show it once. 

  • Chart displays only grouped items when setting X-axis is in grouped mode.


  • Simplified loading of Data Grids.



  • Updated the sort icons to the table data.



  • Updated the Run drop down menu items to be more user friendly. Removed the Run using Scenario since you can do this with Run with Options.

  • Preview only runs the top 500 entities and top 500 steps in the scope for script results.


  • Added the workflow schedule names on the workflow list page.


  • Improved the Run Options for Tables.

  • Added alias to the Develop and Scenarios table.

Data Model

Data Integrations

  • Added the ability to sort the columns on the data integration details page.

  • Data Integrations will remember the selected scope.


  • CSV Sources - Updated the entity mapping to map by the column header if there is a header instead of the using the column index.

  • Added the ability to download mappings.


Workspace Documentation - Navigator

  • Added the links for Tables on Dashboards.

  • Added source information.


  • Now included: Date Added to the header.

Admin App - Workspaces - Packages 

  • Updated UI on the Available packages screen to show a green checkbox if the package is already installed, removed the background of all of the packages and will only highlight the one selected.

Version Control Settings

  • Moved the Version Control Settings from Develop to Workspace Settings. The View in Github option is now under the Save buttons of most items now.

P# Scripts

  • Updated runs to automatically run with partial entity sets and scope sets if the dataset is too large to run.

  • Added an Axis Types enumeration that is being applied in the AggregateDataGrid P# function.

  • LastValue() has an overload for a condition.