April 2022 Updates

Updates in April 2022 in PetroVisor


Added counts to the list pages within PetroVisor so you can quickly see how many items are in the list. This applies to entities, signals, logs, tables, workflows, DCA, ML and Dashboards.




PetroVisor now has the ability to add labels to dashboards and filter by labels.


PetroVisor has the ability to set view / edit permissions per dashboard based on a User Group.


PetroVisor allows for panning in charts to allow users to zoom into charts.

In the Chart Option, PetroVisor allows users to included empty columns as well as the ability to highlight columns to filters Stats and Charts.




Added technical terms and help tooltips to Fit Parameters on the Segment Settings and Fit Limits on the DCA Model Settings.


Petrovisor's ML function has been optimized to run more efficiently.

Ability to see the Model # and Fold # in the Training Results.

Exposed the Feature Importance information in the Post Training results.

Ability to import a script when building a ML model.



Ability to search the contents within the Library.


Setting Parallelism on Script Execution is more user friendly now with High, Default and None options.

Added a tooltip so you can see the full name of Contexts when editing a schedule.

Data Model


The PetroVisor Entities page had a redesign to improve user interaction.

The static signals are displayed in a separate list from time dependent.

Tags are easier to add to an entity.

A PetroVisor Opportunity is an entity in PetroVisor an engineer can use to identify a challenge on the daily, mid-, or long-term operation.



PetroVisor now displays Packages in the Signal Summary.

The new aggregation in PetroVisor allows users to determine how signals are aggregated individually and in groups.


Ability to set the aggregation method in the signal mapping of a data source.

Columns can be re-sized in Mappings so you can view long names.

Updated Similarity option on Entity Automatic mappings to be more user friendly and straight forward.

Cloud Administration

Snapshots - Updated structure and content of Snapshots to be more user friendly and more efficient. Shapshots also added Charts and DCA Models.

Workflow Section is not dependent on being a Directory Admin. It is now based on the user roles "Manage External Activities" and "Manage Web Activity."

Event Subscriptions can be set up on log messages (Event Subscriptions is called Alerts in the Web app and this new alert will be added there but is just in the queue).

Package Update 

  • Detailed view of what changes are in a package compared to what you have on your workspace so you can decide if you want to update it or not in case you have customizations.
  • Updated the package deletion with some warning messages of the changes that are going to be taking affect in your workspace.

P# Updates

  • Overload for EntitiesbyParent() for entity type.
  • Overload for EndOfLastTag() for tagEntryState.
  • EndOfTag() is available now.