Returns the aggregated value according to specified aggregation type of the specified PetroVisor signal, for all entities from the current context that are located in the same Voronoi cell as the current entity, including the current entity.

Aggregation Types: 

1. Min

2. Max

3. Sum

4. Average

5. First

6. Last

7. Count


AggreateVoronoiCell("oil production rate" in "m3/h", "Average", "Field 17 with faults")

By default the function uses the PetroVisor signals "surface x-coordinate", "surface y-coordinate" , and coordinates unit "m", alternatively the functions allows 3 more arguments to specify different PetroVisor signals / units to be used as coordinates.


AggregateVoronoiCell("oil production rate" in "m3/h", "Average", "Field 17 with faults", "m", "alternative x-coordinate", "alternative y-coordinate")