Returns the aggregated value according to specified aggregation type, for all cells from specified data grid that are located in the same Voronoi cell as the current entity.

Aggregation types:

1. Min

2. Max

3. Sum

4. Average

5. First

6. Last


AggregateVoronoiCell(expression or string expression, aggregation, string expression)
  • expression or string expression: name of signal or name of grid
  • aggregation: type of aggregation
  • string expression: name of voronoi cell


AggregateVoronoiCell("oil production rate" in "m3/h", "Average", "Field 17 with faults")

AggregateVoronoiCell("Grid 113", "Average", "Field 17 with faults")

By default the function uses the PetroVisor signals "surface x-coordinate", "surface y-coordinate" and coordinates unit "m", alternatively the functions allows 3 more arguments to specify diffrent PetroVisor signals/unit to be used as coordinates.


AggregateVoronoiCell("Grid 113", "Average", "Field 17 with faults", "m", "alternative x-coordinate", "alternative y-coordinate")