The function AggregateNeighbors returns the aggregated value of a specific signal, for all or only current entity set entities that are neighbors of the current entity using the specified radius in the specified unit including / excluding entity

The function excludes the current entity from calculation.

Aggregation types:

1. Min

2. Max

3. Sum

4. Average

5. First

6. Last

7. Count

Neighborhood modes:

1. Circle

2. Ellipse

3. Square

4. Rectangle


AggregateNeighbors(expression, aggregation, neighborhood, x, y, unit)
  • expression: signal expression
  • aggregation: type of aggregation
  • neighborhood: type of neighborhood shape ('circle', 'ellipse', 'rectangle', 'square')
  • x and y: distance
  • unit: distance unit


AggregateNeighbors("oil production rate" in "m3/d", "Min", "rectangle", 300, 300, "m")