Improved Recovery Optimization with PetroVisor™

Improved Recovery Optimization With PetroVisor™

Improve asset decision-making to ensure reserves are exploited in the most technical and economically efficient way without causing stress to social and environmental resources.

PetroVisor™ for Improved Recovery Optimization

Current business conditions require E&P companies to be ready for constant change. To reach this level of agility, companies need to deliver automated engineering workflows fast. These workflows must connect people, systems, and data with complete visibility to the end-to-end process. With the PetroVisor™ Platform, companies can improve organizational and cross-domain workflows, automating business processes, and mitigating risk, all on a unified platform.

With PetroVisor™, E&P companies looking to improve or maintain production, optimizing waterflood, gas lift, rod, lift, and ESP efficiency to maximize oil production and economic remains crucial. PetroVisor™ allows for real-time monitoring and control of the assets performance to reduce the risk of underperformance and failure.


Current PetroVisor™ Workflows


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Benefits of using PetroVisor™

Data Integration & Performance Monitoring

Data Integration & Performance Monitoring

Generate a unified data model from disparate sources

Automated workflows for established improved recovery optimization KPI’s

Well/reservoir level injection and performance monitoring

Flag underperforming and inactive wells

Screening, Surveillance & Opportunity Ranking

Screening, Surveillance & Opportunity Ranking

Establish production and financial targets

Well surveillance (rate, GOR, WC, and others)

Automated diagnostics of water coning/channeling, gas breakthrough and liquid loading events

Artificial Lift candidate selection and surveillance to ensure best operating envelope and enhanced production

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Operational Improvement & Optimization

Centralized decision-making with automated time- dependent technical and financial KPI calculations

Enhanced waterflood efficiency with real-time optimization and control of project performance

Automated gas lift well stability assessment using both inflow and pressure depletion responses

Improved Recovery Optimization
Improved Recovery Optimization using PetroVisor™

Benefit from the improved recovery optimization workflows native to the PetroVisor platform.

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Current Use Cases


Waterflooding Optimization – Middle Eastern Operator. Integrated physics and local knowledge with ML to identify waterflooding effectiveness, leverage injector-producer communication, and reservoir model integration.

ESP Optimization – Major Canadian Operator with >200 ESP wells optimization. Expert system for failure detection and daily directives.

Gas Lift Optimization – Major Middle Eastern NOC, Offshore field with over 400 wells and 700 perforations. Automated gas lift well candidate selection based on current status, reservoir and wellhead flowing pressures, performance of near-by wells, well integrity status, etc.

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