How can I set the default data cleansing script?

Use the already established script to clean your data.

Follow these steps to set one or more default cleansing scripts:

  • Open the Workflow Designer tile in the Workflow Automation Tool and choose cleansing mode in the hamburger menu in the menu bar.
  • This view is the same view as the Default Cleansing Scripts view in the PetroVisor Data Integration Tool.
  • Here, you can select default cleansing scripts by checking the box next to the script's names. The left side of the window gives a list of all stored cleansing scripts, the right side lists the signals used in a script. This allows for a quick look of the script's purpose. Any modifcation of the cleansing scripts needs to be done in the P# editor.
  •  The purpose of selecting one or more Default Cleansing Scripts is to make sure that the rules and filters contained in these scripts are obeyed at all times, especially when editing values in the Values Editor or when running workflows in the Workflow Scheduler.