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We have all been there. Something unexpected happens around the holidays, and you need to find a manager who can approve a change. You draft that email asking for approval and send it off into the email void. After a few minutes, you walk down the hall looking for a said manager, and he is nowhere in sight. His computer is there, so you know he is at the office. You think to yourself, I will check back in 5 minutes after refreshing my coffee. On the way back, still no manager. It is not super important, but it needs to get approved before lunch. Right before lunch, the same situation in the stand-in manager's office. You call his cell phone and then realize it is buzzing in his desk drawer. No worries, you will escalate it to the next manager. But the situation is the same as the first. Luckily, the same level manager is in the office. You ask for approval; unfortunately, she has not been given the proper authority to approve your change. Without realizing it, you have spent an entire day sending emails, calling managers, and walking the halls to find someone to support your change. And this was two weeks before Christmas.

During the Christmas break, you have been delegated to be the stand-in technical lead. Because you do not want a repeat before Christmas, you ask for authority to change your field's specific expertise. You get the letters needed to be drafted and approved by controllers. You bring it to your direct supervisor. Your supervisor lets you know that he will not approve your request because he is also going to be there over the holidays. Lucky you! You could have saved those hours with controllers if only you knew how lucky your holiday season was going to be.

Twas the night before Christmas Break, and the office filled with cheer. The office admin went out and got everyone Santa hats and beards. The head executive told everyone to dash away to their homes to enjoy the mag safety light everyone received for their present (also as their 4th quarter safety award & year-end award).

During the night, a jolly ole expat sends an alert from the far-off regions of the planet. You wake up to a "ping" on your phone around 3:30 am on Christmas morning. That expat needs your help to figure out the problem. You work for a few hours with her and determine a path forward. Your way requires intervention and approval. 7 am your ring up your supervisor. No response. You send an email…into the void it went. 15 min later, you call the next level manager. Then you forward your email—same response to the neighboring field manager. And on your 4th email of Christmas, you email that executive that got you that sweet flashlight. He responds immediately, and your intervention moves forward.

All the Christmas suspense could have been avoided if companies changed the way they work. What if, instead of management via email, there was a different way to communicate with entire teams. What if instead of waiting for someone to wake up in a different time zone, you could get immediate information – to everyone. What if there was a system that would tell you something might be wrong before it happens. Well, you can, it does, and it could be your gift to your team this year.

Datagration's platform, PetroVisor™, integrates with MS teams letting your entire channel know when something is wrong. You can set your boundaries conditions to have alerts pop up and have immediate approvals—all through your team. You can give your team the gift of being email free next year.

Analise T.
Post by Analise T.
December 9, 2020